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Digitaler Druck-Kalibrator Typ TM35"

Modular built, automatic Pressure Calibrator


Our modular built Pressure-Calibrator TM40 is unique in its conception.
The device is built completely modular.

  • 4 slide-in slots are freely configurable

Those slots can be fitted with different types of modules

Thus allows the TM40 Pressure Calibrator to be equipped completely individually.
There are three different types of modules, to select from:

  • Measuring module  (MM40)
  • Generator module (GM40)
  • Voltage / Current module (VM40)-> coming soon!

The Measurement Module needs 1 slot in the TM40
So it's possible to cover four different measurement ranges with the TM40.

  • Accuracy classes up to 0.05% F.S. selectable
  • Symmetrical measuring ranges available
  • -1 up to 250 bar

The Generator Module needs 2 slots in the TM40
So it’s possible to operate two GM40’s in the device, or one GM40 and two MM40‘s.

  • Measure pressue
  • Generate pressure and automatically regulate it
  • Control accuracy of pressure generation is 0.1 Pa
  • Accuracy classes up to 0.05% F.S. selectable
  • Symmetrical measuring ranges available
  • Automatic pressure regulation up to -/+ 10000 Pa
  • Built in step generator

The GM40 is able to build up and regulate the pressure of a given set-point autonomous.

  • Maximum of 20 measurements per second
  • Graphical display of the pressure measurements in real time
  • Touchscreen
  • USB com-port
  • SD card
  • Temperature compensated sensors
  • Long term stable!
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery


All our TM40 Pressure Calibrators, come with an internationally acknowledged SCS Calibration certificate on delivery!

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