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Pressure Measurement Device for measuring overpressure and vacuum...

Absolute- Gauge-, Differential- Pressure


The most impressive feature of the HM35 and HM35 EX manometer is the versatile range of applications.
It allows measurements in the area of gauge-, differential- or absolute pressure.
The pressure measurements can be executed in either ovepressure or vacuum ranges.

  • Pressure ranges from vacuum up to 250 bar available
  • Symmetrical measuring ranges available
  • Accuracy classes in 0.2% / 0.1% / 0.05% F.S. selectable
  • Media-compatible devices available
  • Ex versions available

The EX-version meet the requirements for opearting in T3 (rechargeable batteries) and T4
(conventional batteries) temperature ranges.

  • Pressure change rate
  • MIN/MAX and average value
  • Illuminated display
  • Datalogger for up to 10000 measured values (interval is selectable)

Via the infrared interface (IR), all data of the pressure measurements, can be transferred
directly to a PC.

  • Calibration software for Windows available
  • 22 selectable measurement units

Various accessories available for the HM35 Handheld Pressure Gauges >

  • Hand operated pumps for pressure generation
  • Wall mounts
  • Leather cases
  • Various connectors, like M10x1, NPT 1/8", 4/6MM...
  • Complete service cases
Our pressure measurement sensors for the HM35 series are
  • Temperature compensated
  • Long term stable

Our HM35 series Handheld Pressure Gauges,
come with an internationally acknowledged SCS calibration certificate on delivery!

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iec-iecex-logoIECEx Certificate

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