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HT01 Series

Budget friendly, efficient, minimum space requirements...


...the HT01 series is perfectly suitable for measuring over-, under- or differential-pressure of non aggressive gasses.

The measurement is done via piezorisistive pressure sensor.
Four different measurement ranges are selectable via dip switch

The HT01 puts out a analog voltage signal (0… 10 V) and a current signal (0… 20 mA).
The current signal can be switched to 4… 20 mA.
For highly unsteady pressures, a damping can be cut in.
The dealy of the damping is selectable via dip switch between 10ms, 2 sec. and 4 sec.

Optional there's also a display for the HT01 series available to ensure everytime readability of the measured data,
immediately, everytime and on site.

Technical details:

Measuring range: 1000 Pa : 750 Pa : 500 Pa : 250 Pa
Output signal: 0… 10 V und 0( 4)… 20 mA selectable via jumper
Maximum system pressure: 550 hPa
Measurement principle: piezoresistive
Linearity: ± 2 % F.S.

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